CVS provides vehicle storage, logistics and valeting solutions for the 21st Century. Amongst the services that we provide are the following:

Direct Delivery
  • Manufacturers deliver direct to CVS Ltd.
  • Full inspection upon delivery for damage/shortages. Dealer notified by phone and fax. Supported by delivery dockets to enable prompt claim processing.
  • Faxed daily confirmation of new arrivals.
  • Stock reports complete with entry and departure dates as appropriate.
  • All reports individually tailored to match your requirements.
  • Full inspection on arrival. Immediate damager/shortage reports.
  • Secure storage with monitored C.C.T.V. systems.
  • Internal storage available.
  • Short, medium and long term contracts available.
  • Faxed and e-mailed authority required for vehicle access.
  • Stock reports available as required.
  • Delivery service available.
Pre-delivery Inspection
Large vehicle preparation production line facility comprising:
  • 6 bay workshop with two and four post lifts.
  • Indoor holding area.
  • Purpose built valeting bays.
  • Minor body repairs.
  • Smart paint repairs.
  • Integral part of our full fleet package.
Body Repair and Paintwork
  • Minor body repairs.
  • Welding.
  • Paintwork (including smart repairs).
  • Integral part of our full fleet package.
  • New, fleet and used vehicles.
  • Purpose built valeting bays.
  • Uniformed, courteous staff.
  • Mobile valeting available at your premises (or your customers).
  • Top quality cleaning products.
Vehicle Movement
  • Uniformed drivers equipped with mobile phones.
  • Single and multi vehicle transporters available.
  • 12 seat mini-bus.
  • Trade plate deliveries.
  • All your necessary delivery/movement paperwork completed and returned promptly.
  • Delivery to end user.